Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Intimidated By The College Entrance Essay?

This is unfortunate because they are not required to write like Descartes. They only have to write simply and logically their personal experiences.
Why is the essay daunting?
College beckons and promises a new experience as a high school graduate takes a leap towards adulthood. Preparing for college is a new adventure but writing that important paper can damp any enthusiasm.
Perhaps by itself the paper is not intimidating. The thought that it will have an impact on their college admission - approval or rejection - frightens them. This should not be the case if they understand the reason behind this requirement.
Students believe that the most polished paper with little or no grammatical lapses is the perfect thesis. They tend to forget the rationale behind this. The more they try to imitate others, the more they lower their chances of getting approval.
Simple, logical, and original
These three standbys are the winning combinations in any essay. Simplicity of thought and language that truly reflect the individual, logical arrangement and presentation of ideas, and originality of expression are the writing techniques that are favored colleges and universities swamped with thousands of essays.
It does not also mean to imply that this paper has to be done hurriedly, and anything will do. Good grammar, writing style, and originality of ideas or expression will grab the attention of weary college admissions officers. The moment they reach for a paper they can expect the same humdrum formula.
With these simple guidelines, write your paper with confidence. Read and rewrite your paper, and strive for perfection. You will know if you have winner or a loser in your hands.
The implications of your paper
If you are seeking college entrance, the school has to know the level of your readiness to take on college work. This will be revealed by your grades and SAT score. The paper will show them the person who made the grade, and how he can be an asset to the college or university.
If you are a transferee, the school admissions panel will want to know how prepared to take on your major field. The paper will serve as a guarantee that they will be taking in students who can make it because of their readiness, aptitude, and commitment.
What to show in your paper
If you are a 20 something, you would naturally write about the things people your age appreciate. You wouldn't be spouting philosophies behind an unforgettable experience; instead you will be telling it like you would your best friend. You will be honest about the whole thing -even if your conviction is not earth-shaking.
That's the voice the people at the college admissions are watching out for. They want the fresh perspective, free from artifice and pretense. They are not scouting for a budding Stephen King or John Grisham. They want an honest thought provoking account written clearly and effectively by a 20 something.
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