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Sample Graduate School Essays That Will Help You Get an Interview

Although the application process for admission to graduate school can really give you a tough time, this is not the sole purpose of all these admission requirements. What a university's admission committee wants to find out is if you have what it takes to survive and finish graduate studies. Of course, you have the results of the battery of tests and your transcript of records. Unfortunately, these are not sufficient on their own, especially since graduate school is not just a matter of aptitude but attitude as well. It's good that former professors and mentors at work can submit their recommendation forms to improve your chances. It's even better that an admission interview is part of the selection process, so you will be able to discuss your objectives more extensively. But before you get to that, you will have to submit an excellent graduate admission essay. It is advisable to read through a lot of sample graduate school essays to accomplish this.
What can sample graduate school essays do for you?
You may think that your writing abilities have enabled you to complete your bachelor's in flying colors and that you no longer need to read other students' sample graduate school essays. You may want to re-think that. Graduate school is an entirely different environment from college, and graduate school admission essays should go beyond the elements of style. Your essay should reflect your determination and suitability for graduate studies. For this reason, reading several essays should help you think of various ways that you can show the clarity of your personal and career development goals and your consistency in fulfilling these goals.
Where can you start looking?
If you're lucky, you may have friends who have successfully got into or completed their graduate programs. They could help you with your application by providing tips on what admission committees usually look for. They might even allow you to read the essays which they have submitted to give you a better idea. If you aren't that lucky, you can still access sample essays through the Internet. Choose the ones that are sure to catch and hold attention from the first line to the end.
What makes for a good essay?
As a statement of purpose, essays typically explain why you would want to get into graduate school. Make sure that you have the right reasons for wanting a master's degree or a PhD. The minimum or maximum number of pages or words for admission essays is often given, so you have to write one that is concise but comprehensive. Do your homework and research whatever you could find on the program and the university of your choice, so you can make a good match between your personal goals and their academic objectives. Cite personal experiences which can show how you deal with difficulties with a positive outlook. Be creative, and start with something catchy, such as a story that you grew up on. Relate how insights from the story or the values of a character shaped your goals the way they are now. It would also be great to write about social responsibility. After all, society should benefit from your graduate degree in the end.
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